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Since 1877, Pastificio Mennucci is bringing forward
the tradition of Italian pasta in Lucca

In 1877, Giuseppe Mennucci started making pasta in a small grocery store in the countryside of Lucca. At that time, the process of making and drying the pasta was carried out in the courtyard under the sun or in ventilated rooms.
With a passion for making pasta, a strong entrepreneurial spirit and targeted investments in land and machinery, the Mennucci family guided the business from a small grocery store into an industrial pasta company by the late 1930’s.
This all nearly ended during the Second World War, when the company was bombed and partially destroyed. After the bombing, the Mennucci family was quick to rebuild the factory. During the rebuilding process, all pasta machines that were not destroyed were moved into rented local homes near Lucca to maintain production.
In the late 1970’s the company took a change in direction to focus on innovation in pasta manufacturing. Until the late 1970’s, only one single company produced gluten-free pasta by using Arabic glue. However, thanks to the successful collaboration between Giuseppe Mennucci and Silvio Salza (a local in Pisa and from the Gentili Pharmaceutical Institute) a new manufacturing technique was developed for this type of pasta (gelatinization of starch and hot extrusion).
Mennucci is now considered a pioneer in both the innovation of producing gluten-free pasta and for producing high quality pasta internationally.

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