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A pioneer in production techniques of gluten-free pasta

Until the late 1970’s, only one single company produced gluten-free pasta by using Arabic glue. However, thanks to the successful collaboration between Giuseppe Mennucci and Silvio Salza (a local in Pisa and from the Gentili Pharmaceutical Institute) a new manufacturing technique was developed for this type of pasta (gelatinization of starch and hot extrusion). Pastificio Mennucci is now considered as a pioneer in the innovation of producing gluten-free pasta. Mennucci have patented this technology and they remain the market leader in the production of Gluten Free pasta. A dedicated production area is used for Gluten Free products to avoid any kind of contamination. Mennucci have a large production capacity and offer product diversification, which means we have the ability to offer a full range of pasta sizes for any usage. Mennucci mass distributes and works with pharmaceutical distributors and/or other health companies specialized in the health sector. Another factor of Mennucci’s success is their partnership with clients during the project and development stages of new products. Mennucci’s internal laboratory works closely with clients during the entire process to ensure that the required product is manufacturer to the client’s needs.